Nightmare 4: The Dinosaur

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares:
When I was maybe 8 I had a nightmare that dinosaurs were walking across the golf course behind the houses across the street. Then one of them smashed his head through my (second floor) bedroom window and screamed. Then I screamed. Then my dad woke me up.

Dear P.M.,
You woke too soon! Here’s what happened next: You and the dinosaur both Continue reading

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Nightmare 3: The Face

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
I had a nightmare years ago, which I still think about because it was so weird: I have these odd blackheads on my nose and I go to the bathroom mirror to investigate and, up close, I can see that my nose has a bunch of tiny craters in it. Inside each crater is a different colored, tiny, disc-shaped sponge with a design on it. Children’s designs, like a duck, or a flower. So I flick a few of them out with my fingernail. They land in the sink below and immediately begin growing in size. I think “What the heck is causing this?”, so I unhinge my nose to look inside my face. (Because it has a little hinge at the bottom so I can flip my nose open like a little trap door.) And, once my nose is flipped open, inside my face is a little wooden Popeye the Sailor doll. And that’s the moment that I woke up in a cold sweat.

Dear E.J.,
You woke up too soon! A moment later a woman poked her head in the door and Continue reading

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Nightmare 2: Behind the Curtain

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
I was at a theatre with Rhonda. It was just us and we discovered a thing behind a sheer curtain. It was wearing a kind of white cheesecloth or gauze hooded robe. It was sitting there, its face was obscured by the hood. We both felt a sense of doom and evil. We also knew we needed to do something, before actors arrived. We also sensed that it would kill us if we got too close. Before Rhonda could stop me, I said my life is less important, so I will sacrifice myself. I pulled back the curtain and yelled, “what do you want?” Then I woke up…

Dear S.C.,
You woke up too soon! A moment later, the creature began to Continue reading

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Nightmare 1: The Room

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
Here’s my nightmare. I’m naked and alone at the opening to a very large room. The room, as I am forced to deal with because the wall behind me is moving and pushing me towards the opening, is so large and vast that I can make out distinctly different weather patterns from the solid wall I peer down from, and across towards the other sides, which I can only assume are many miles apart. The opening from where I’m being forced to gaze by the ever-moving wall places me so high up from the floor of the room, that even the miles-apart walls appear closer than the floor. Slowly bouncing in near paused pace, is a beach ball that could not possibly be smaller than the moon. It’s movement is fierce and deliberate, though hardly breaking any speed records, it will clearly be stopped by nothing and it will simply destroy everything in its path. The ball, from my vantage point, is set to ricochet off an object many miles away and then bounce directly at me and destroy me, as the wall behind me pushes me ever closer to the edge of the vast room with no escape. Just when I confirm the ball (as large as the moon) is headed my way, I wake in a terrorized panic dripping with sweat. I’ve had versions of this dream since as long as I can remember. Less frequent now, but every once in awhile it pops up and scares the shit out of me.

Dear S.L,
See, you woke up to soon. Here’s what happened next: Finding yourself in the Continue reading

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Rewritten nightmares

This is my new blog, where people tell me about their nightmares, and I rewrite the nightmare–just the ending, or maybe sometimes all of it, or maybe add a new ending if they woke up–so that they have a new memory, and the nightmare no longer has the power to trouble or upset them.

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