About the site
Tell me your nightmares, and I will rewrite the ending for you, so that you “win,” and the nightmare loses its power over you.


About me — Sarah McKinley Oakes
I am a writer who used to have nightmares almost every night, and now I almost never have nightmares, largely because I learned to rewrite them. Then I started rewriting my friends’ nightmares, and found I’m quite good at it, and decided to do it for anyone who needed it. I am not a therapist or any kind of expert on dreams, I just think about dreams a lot because I used to be so overwhelmed with nightmares.

I don’t only write about nightmares. You can read my blog about old Los Angeles restaurants at Remains of L.A.
I used to have another blog, about writing in coffee shops, that you can read at Synonyms for Starbucks (but I haven’t updated it in a while).