Nightmare 11: No Brakes

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
I’m in a car heading for cars stopped at a red light. I touch the accelerator and the car takes off down the road right for the stopped traffic. But my brake foot is frozen and I can’t lift it to stop the car. I wake up.

Dear S.B.,
Here’s what happened next. For a moment you were stunned, afraid, looking at the cars in front of you. But then your instincts, borne of many years of driving, kicked in. You jerked the wheel, making a sudden right onto a side street, and let the car start to slow. Your eyes scanned the driveways to the left and right of you until you saw just what you needed: A sharp upwards slope. You turned the car, which was now moving fairly slowly, and the car pulled into the driveway and rolled gently upward until it came to a stop. You pulled the handbrake and breathed deep, feeling grateful that you knew just what to do in this sort of emergency. Then you picked up your phone and called someone to help you figure out what was wrong with your foot.

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