Nightmare 9: The Bogeyman

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
From about 3-9, I had a recurring nightmare. I would dream that I had awakened in our garage. I was in a baby’s crib. It was very dark. The Bogeyman appeared beside the crib. He was holding a log from the woodpile. He said, “If the leg of the crib breaks, I will hit you with this log.” Immediately, one leg of the crib broke and the crib tilted. I would then wake up terrified.

Dear J.M.,
You woke up too soon! Here’s what happened next. The moment the crib tilted, your mother rose up behind the Bogeyman. She grabbed him, crumpled him up like a piece of paper, and threw him out the window. Then she took you in her arms, and apologized for letting him get so near and speak to you – but assured you that you were never in any real danger, because she was close by, and always would be. She and your dad had carried you out to the garage to sleep because the roof inside had leaked, and she would be sleeping out there too. Then the two of you fixed the leg of the crib using the Bogeyman’s log, and she tucked you back in, and you knew you were safe.
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One Response to Nightmare 9: The Bogeyman

  1. Thank you person who rewrites nightmares. I am no longer afraid of the bogeyman


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