Nightmare 8: Acting Class

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
I’m in an acting class. The exercise is to explain how a stove works. I study. I prepare. Day of assignment I begin my presentation. I get two words out and professor screams NO! And then tells me I didn’t prepare and belittles me. I run from classroom aimlessly wandering the halls. I wake up feeling horrible, like it was real.

Dear S.B.,
You woke up too soon! Here’s what happened next:
You were so distraught, you didn’t notice the person walking towards you. As you apologized for almost bumping into her, you slowly realized that it was Meryl Streep, looking fabulous and smiling at you kindly. She asked what had you so upset, and you told her the whole story. She frowned, then told you that she’d had similar experiences with acting coaches, and that your professor should not treat you that way — he clearly had decided ahead of time what to think of your work, and that wasn’t fair. With her encouragement, you returned to class. She smiled sternly at the professor and said that she was looking forward to seeing you explain how a stove worked, and he was so dumbfounded and impressed he didn’t try to stop you. You went into your routine, and it was so brilliant the class gave you a standing ovation. Ms. Streep suggested you drop the class and take her on as a private acting coach; she’d never done it before but she thought she would be good at it and you had inspired her to try. You left together, while the rest of the class told the professor that he was the worst and they wanted their money back.
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