Nightmare 7: Ray Gun

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
Hostile aliens landed. I tried to get away, but one of the aliens zapped me with his ray gun. The way the ray gun worked was to dissolve the bonds between my molecules, so that I’d float apart like a cloud. Upon being zapped, my terror suddenly changed to a calm stillness. I was frozen in place for a moment, then gently blacked out both visually and mentally as I drifted apart…

Dear C.K.,
And then you opened your eyes, still feeling perfectly calm as the molecules that made you brought you slowly back together. All those years studying under the Warlock Fortudet had paid off! You really did have complete control over every molecule of your body. A moment later, the rest of your squad crested the hill. You felt ashamed that for a moment you’d actually believed they’d abandon you. Your best friend grinned at you and tossed you your blazer gun. You watched it spin end over end and then it was in your hand. You blasted away at the little green men and shockingly soon they were all lying stunned on the ground. You and your team gathered them up and took them to a holding cell where you used the mediation skills Fortudet has taught you. Soon, a peace treaty had been brokered between their planet and yours, and a new age of prosperity and happiness began.
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