Nightmare 5: Hippo

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
The other day I yanked myself violently awake after dreaming that I glanced behind myself and found that a hippopotamus was just about to bite my leg. He was aiming at my right calf I believe and BOOM I was AWAKE!

Dear G.K.,
You woke up too soon. In the next moment, you remembered that you’d recently been bitten by the same radioactive spider as Spiderman. With your lightning-fast reflexes you pulled your leg away, and then you used your webbing to make a net to catch the hippo and carry him back to the river where he belonged. It turned out that he was just a child hippo, and his family had been very worried about him. He gallumphed off to see his parents, and you went on your way, feeling good that you’d rescued a hippo.
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One Response to Nightmare 5: Hippo

  1. mycotropic says:

    Delightful, now wish that I’d allowed the dream to play out! Thanks!


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