Nightmare 4: The Dinosaur

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares:
When I was maybe 8 I had a nightmare that dinosaurs were walking across the golf course behind the houses across the street. Then one of them smashed his head through my (second floor) bedroom window and screamed. Then I screamed. Then my dad woke me up.

Dear P.M.,
You woke too soon! Here’s what happened next: You and the dinosaur both screamed for a moment, but then he stopped screaming and said, in a voice that showed he was an 8-year-old dinosaur himself, “I’m sorry, please don’t be mad! I thought the window was open and when it wasn’t it scared me so I yelled. My name’s Davie, and my family lives down the road. You’ve never seen us, most people don’t. But I’ve seen you before. We’re on our way to a big dinosaur party and I’m kind of nervous because I haven’t been to many parties. So when I saw you in here, I thought I’d invite you. We’re allowed to invite people. Do you want to come? I can have you back by morning.” After some thought you decided that yes, you did want to go to the dinosaur party. You got out of bed and put on your slippers and climbed onto the dinosaur’s back, and he carried you to the party, where there were lots of games and music and giant balloons, and mostly dinosaur food but also some human food, and mostly dinosaurs but also some humans, and a roped-off platform where humans could dance without worrying about getting stepped on by dinosaurs, and you and Davie had lots of fun and talked about all the other places you might go to together, like dinosaur carnivals and dinosaur barbecues and dinosaur baseball games.
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2 Responses to Nightmare 4: The Dinosaur

  1. magiwp says:

    Thanks, Sarah, for letting me remember this event from my childhood, and for letting me remember it a lot better. And for letting me ride a dinosaur—something I’ve never done.


  2. Trickstermac says:

    I want to have this dream!


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