Nightmare 2: Behind the Curtain

Dear Person Who Rewrites Nightmares,
I was at a theatre with Rhonda. It was just us and we discovered a thing behind a sheer curtain. It was wearing a kind of white cheesecloth or gauze hooded robe. It was sitting there, its face was obscured by the hood. We both felt a sense of doom and evil. We also knew we needed to do something, before actors arrived. We also sensed that it would kill us if we got too close. Before Rhonda could stop me, I said my life is less important, so I will sacrifice myself. I pulled back the curtain and yelled, “what do you want?” Then I woke up…

Dear S.C.,
You woke up too soon! A moment later, the creature began to cry. “I don’t want anything,” it said. “Please, please help me.” You were afraid, but its voice didn’t seem to match the sense of doom and evil. Reaching out, you grasped the hooded robe and pulled. As the robe came off, the sense of doom and evil came with it, and revulsion crawled up your arm as you realized that some evil beings had used it to keep this poor creature captive. Not creature–young woman. She wasn’t quite human, but she was definitely a young woman. You put your arm around her and Rhonda got her a drink of water, and soon she was able to explain. Her captors had left her here, wrapped in that robe that made her helpless, in the hopes that whoever found her would kill her. Luckily, your kindness had foiled their plan. She was still frightened, saying they’d be back, but you and Rhonda used your theater know-how to rig a trap. When they returned, lights blazed in their eyes, temporarily blinding them, and the robe dropped on them from above. They were instantly helpless. The young woman went through the portal they’d made, and came back with armed guards from her home dimension. They thanked you and arrested the evil creatures, and you were promised that they wouldn’t return. The young woman returned often, however; she’d been bit by the theater bug and wanted to learn all she could from you, with the goal of opening a small theater in her home dimension.
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